Auto Repair Services


Auto Repair Services

Our certified technicians are equipped with top of the line equipment to ensure your car, truck, SUV, or van is diagnosed and repaired properly and in a timely manner. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to diagnose most problems and provide a complete estimate of the work before any repairs are performed.

Air Conditioning: Performance test / AC Service / Diagnosis / Repair / AC replacement

Bring your vehicle in to make sure that the A/C is blowing cold in the Arizona heat.

Alignment: Two and four wheel alignment with the latest computerized equipment / Total steering and suspension analysis front and rear / Adjustments / Repair / Component replacement

Keep your car in top condition by making sure your cars alignment is on the straight and narrow to prevent uneven tire wear. A bad alignment can cause premature tire wear that gives you a bumpy ride.

Auto Repair: We have 3 certified technicians and two service writers  with over 155 years combined experience will accurately diagnose and repair even the most challenging task’s / Interior and exterior

Axles &CV Joints: New or re-manufactured units available for installation

Batteries: Battery and charging system test / Battery replacement 

Come in to get you battery checked. You don’t want you to get caught in this Arizona heat with a dead battery. We can do a health check on your battery to keep you informed of the health of your battery.

Belts and Hoses: Only premium line Belts and Hoses installed

Get your belts and hoses inspected to make sure you don't have any wear and tear.

Brakes: This is a good one. Be careful. You get what you pay for. We use premium line friction material only / All other hard parts used are also premium line or original manufactured equipment

Brake hydraulic system service or replacement / Anti-lock brake system analysis and repair.

Clutch: New clutch assemblies installed

Computer Diagnosis: Latest diagnostic training is extremely important at ALBERT’S. Training takes place year round. Diagnostics are performed using proper scan tools for the application.

Diesel Vehicle Maintenance: All fluid services / Lighting /  Under hood component services / Steering and suspension / Drive-train / Exhaust / Brakes and tires

Electrical system:  Electric Doors  / Instrument panel / Lighting /

Emission Repair: Electronic only at this time 1996 and up

Engine Repair: Expert mechanical repair or engine replacements

Factory scheduled maintenance:  We go by book and then some only if necessary

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance and Repair / From headlight to tail light / Drive battery repair or replacement limited at this time (Please call)

Muffler and Exhaust system: Repair or replacement

Oil Change: WE use manufactures recommendation on grade / 33 point courtesy inspection and more with oil change

Pre-purchase Inspections: We don’t want you to buy a problem.

Radiator Repair: New replacement or repair

Shocks and Struts: New  Replacement front and rear

Starter and Alternator: Premium re-manufactured and new available

Steering System: Old school linkage or rack and pinion

Suspension: Old or late model cars and light trucks

Timing Belt:  New replacement

Tire Balance and Rotation: Computer Balance

Tire Repair: Albert’s have been selling, servicing and repairing tires for over 66 years

Tire Replacement: Just about any tire you want, however, most drivers don’t know what tire to buy. We can help with a recommendation

Transmission Repair: Service or replacement

Tune-up: Tune up is for old school. We are very good with classic vehicles


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We are a full service facility, so any need you have, we can handle.  Give us a call today to get to know us and ask us how we can help with your vehicle.